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No matter how experienced they are, people repeatedly make the same simple mistakes when it comes to interviewing. Even if you’re just meeting with a recruiter, it’s crucial that you come across well. Make the best impression possible and they’ll be your biggest advocate when speaking to potential employers.

Our team of highly experienced recruiters have shared the top five mistakes they see people make in interviews, again and again.

Avoid them at all costs and your job hunt will be off to a good start.

1. Talking too much

We like it when candidates show their personality and appear eager and confident, but we often find that people talk too much in interviews, straying off topic and even interrupting the interviewer.

It’s important that interviewees stay on topic, and answer questions concisely. Straying from a question or overtalking can give the impression the interviewee lacks focus and has poor communication skills.

2. Failing to research the company

Surprisingly, this is still a very common mistake. Even the strongest of candidates can fall down during the interview stage if they can’t answer simple questions such as ‘tell us what you know about our company’. People need to spend some time researching the company they’re interviewing with, no matter what their level of seniority.

3. Being negative about previous employers

It’s surprising to see how many people fall into this trap, and you need to steer well clear of it. Bad mouthing your previous employer makes you come across as disloyal, bitter, and even immature. It’s okay to discuss challenges you’ve come across in your previous or current role but make sure you sound professional.

4. Being rude to reception staff

Our reception staff are valued as highly as any other member of our company, and if someone is rude to them, we hear about it. When you’re going to an interview, be nice to everyone you meet. Simple.

5. Bringing coffee cups and other random items into your job interview

Candidates often walk into interviews with takeaway coffee cups and other random things in tow. In the eyes of some, this can make you look unorganized or overly relaxed. If you’re interviewing for a professional role in the corporate world – don’t take your rubbish with you.

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