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Passing automated screening systems

Artificial intelligence is changing the hiring process across all industries.  Gone are the days where recruiters would manually sift through hundreds of resumes. Now when you apply for a job online its likely that a robot will be deciding whether or not you make the shortlist of candidates.

Okay –  it’s not quite an actual robot, but many companies are now using automated screening software (also known as applicant tracking systems) to review your job applications. This means that when you apply for a job online, the software automatically scans your resume to decide whether or not you’re a suitable candidate before anyone even sees it. To make sure your resume lands on a recruiters desk, make sure you:

1. Include keywords that you see in the job description

The software automatically scans your resume to see if it includes words that match key words in the job ad. Read the job description carefully, pull out the key words and make sure those exact words are peppered appropriately throughout your resume too. For example, if the job description says they require an experienced Chartered Accountant, make sure you include the words ‘Chartered Accountant’ in your profile – providing you are one of course.

2. Keep the formatting simple

It’s likely that the software will pull the information from your resume into a new format, broken down into specific sections. Avoid using graphics and tables, as according to Time this can disrupt the process. Also, stick to using simple sans-serif fonts to help the software extract your information as easily as possible.

3. Use relevant accounting, business, or finance industry terms

Include industry specific terms and phrases when talking about software, skills, qualifications, processes and procedures. This will help tailor your resume and make sure you’re using keywords within the right context, which the bots will reward you for.

We still value the human touch, and take the time to review each resume with care. To speak to one of our experienced recruiters about how we can help you find a new job in accounting, finance, or business support, contact us today.

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