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LinkedIn’s latest recruitment trends report says improving diversity is currently the biggest game-changer for companies surveyed, with over half of employers tackling it head on. But despite the ever-growing buzz about diversity, most companies are still trying to crack it. Here’s exactly what diversity really means, and some simple tips on how you can work towards it.

1. What is workplace diversity?

Workplace diversity is about creating an environment that includes people from all walks of life. This doesn’t just mean people of different gender or race. It extends to other aspects such as religion, sexual orientation, personality, physical ability and education. The thing is – you can’t just hire particular people to make your company diverse. You also need to make them feel included, and give them a true sense of belonging.

2. What can you do to improve workplace diversity? 

  • Make leaders acknowledge the importance of workplace diversity
  • Encourage your employees to be themselves
  • Respect differing opinions
  • Use inclusive job descriptions that explain your commitment to creating a diverse culture
  • Exclude photos from applications
  • Talk about cultural ‘adds’ at work – not cultural ‘fits’
  • Commit to fair compensation, setting  benchmarks for what each role is worth and avoid focusing on previous salaries
  • Provide employees in charge of hiring with unconscious bias training

3. How can a recruitment agency help?

Your recruiter is often the first person to promote your culture to potential new hires, and they should be your biggest advocate. Work with them to make sure they’re emphasising your commitment to creating a diverse, inclusive and welcoming culture for everyone across all stages of the recruitment process.

Across the Accountancy Options recruitment group we have a genuine commitment to diversity. Our shortlists always exclude diversity identifiers, and we provide training to hiring managers as part of our service. Some of our recent placements include mature age workers (60+), LGBIT candidates, and disabled workers.

Diversity tools for accounting and finance professionals

For accounting and finance professionals, the AICPA provides a range of assessment tools and resources to help you create a more diverse working environment, including a recruitment and retention toolkit and an online assessment tool to gauge where your business currently stands.

To speak to one of our experienced recruiters about how we can help you create a more diverse company culture, contact us today.

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