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Creating workplace diversity is a big focus for many companies, but often it’s hard to reach a broad pool of candidates. If you’re trying to attract talented people from different walks of life, make sure this is communicated clearly to job seekers. Here are five simple things you can do to make your job advertisements sound more inclusive.

1. Adopt a neutral tone 

Candidates can be subconsciously turned off by your job ad if words you use are skewed towards a specific gender or culture. For example, words with an overly masculine tone include ‘strong’, leader’ and ‘competitive’. Women are more likely to apply if you include words such as ‘dedicated’, ‘conscientious’ and ‘supportive’. Make sure job descriptions have a mix of both. If it’s necessary to include a geo-specific phrase, such as ‘knowledge of Australian accounting practices’, use the word ‘national’ instead to avoid alienating applicants from other countries.

2. Communicate your commitment to diversity and inclusion 

Make it clear that your company embraces diversity and encourages applicants from all different backgrounds to apply. A couple of sentences explaining this at the end of your job ad can make all the difference.

3. Highlight company benefits and initiatives

If your company allows flexible working hours, for example, call this out in your job description. This can be attractive to people with families and other personal commitments.

4. Use clear and concise language

This basic rule should be applied to all job descriptions, but when it comes to attracting a broad range of applicants it’s important to keep your criteria list short. Women in particular as less likely to apply if they don’t think they meet 100% of the criteria, whereas Men will still apply if they meet 50%.

5. Review your job ads to identify patterns

Reviewing your job ads alongside each other can help you spot repetitive terms or phases that may skew your pool of applicants one way or another. There are some great free tools that can help you pick up on patterns and biased language.

If you’d like more advice on how to attract a more diverse range of talent, contact us today to speak to one of our experienced recruitment consultants. 

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