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There are many things people don’t know about working in recruitment. The constant surprises, the unexpected market shifts, and the hours spent supporting people are all things you won’t read in the job description.


What recruiters really do is often misunderstood, which is why many people overlook a career in recruitment when weighing up their options. However, unbeknown to most, being a recruiter is one of the most rewarding jobs out there.

Here’s what people often don’t realise about working in recruitment, and what you need to succeed in this lucrative and surprisingly fulfilling job.


A job in recruitment is rewarding on so many levels

A career in recruitment can be extremely rewarding, and not just from a financial perspective.

Landing a new job is lifechanging, and providing you’ve done your job properly, you’re changing people’s lives for the better. You’re helping people chase their dreams, make more money and supporting them through huge transitions.

“Giving someone the chance to work for a great company doing a job they really want by way of our introduction is very rewarding,” explains Natasha Jordan, one of our senior recruitment consultants.

“We often build close relationships with our candidates, and the joy of delivering good news to them is priceless,” adds Daniel Gilligan, another senior consultant in our accounting and finance team.

Most recruiters also experience a real buzz when they get into commission territory, and when you know you’ve put the best candidate in front of your client, your success will taste extra sweet.


There’s much more to a job in recruitment than you think

Do you think recruiters spend their time schmoozing clients in fancy restaurants, strutting about in suits and expensing cocktails for their mates? You’re wrong.

“Most of my friends used to think that we just went out for coffee all the time, and they had no idea what we are doing behind the scenes to generate work and get our candidates in front of the right people,” says Natasha.

The reality is recruiters must work hard to build trust with employers. Clients can be dubious of recruiters, particularly after working with agencies who just bombard them with CVs hoping one will stick.

We’re constantly trying to prove ourselves to our clients, and we put in a lot of groundwork.

Communicating frequently, developing a deep understanding of their business, and interviewing 100 people to find exactly the right person for their job opening are things that take time and patience.


There are plenty of international recruitment jobs

People often don’t realise that a career in recruitment can open doors for you overseas.

Recruiters are in high demand in Australia, Canada, India, the U.S and the U.K.

Recruitment specialists are currently on the list of skilled workers who qualify for visa sponsorship in Australia. We’re always open to hiring recruiters from overseas who want to move to Melbourne, so if you’re thinking about it, get in touch.


What you need to succeed in recruitment

Bad recruiters aren’t just bad, they’re terrible. A good recruiter is a godsend.

Recruitment isn’t all about sales, it’s about people. You do need to be driven to generate your own work, but you also need superior soft skills, grit and empathy.

“If you have great communication skills and an understanding of sales, then this job can be very rewarding,” explains Daniel.

“To succeed in recruitment you need to be prepared for the hard yards and the unexpected things that happen daily when dealing with people,” shares Natasha.

“My advice would be to ask questions all the time to clients, candidates and colleagues, and always listen to other people’s conversations in the office so you can learn from them,” she adds.


If you’re considering a career in accounting and finance recruitment in Melbourne, send us your resume today.

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