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Whether you’re searching for staff or looking for your next job opportunity, stay ahead of your competition and read what’s happening in accounting, finance and business support recruitment across Melbourne right now.


Candidates want permanent roles and the chance to upskill

Shares Kerry Hale, our Financial Services Recruitment Specialist.

“The bulk recruitment of temporary staff is considerably more challenging at the moment, as candidates are focused on securing permanent jobs. Getting commitment from a candidate without guaranteed role longevity can be an uphill battle, but it’s also entirely understandable,” says Kerry.

“The desire to upskill is also a key focus at the moment. With more people attending University and obtaining qualifications, full time workers are feeling pressured to work on their own development, which makes learning opportunities highly attractive when they’re considering new jobs.”

If employers are struggling to attract new staff, offering additional on the job training and opportunities to upskill could really help.


It’s a good time to look for a new role in accounting support…

Says Natasha Jordan, our Accounting Support Recruitment Expert.

“Candidates are moving very quickly at the moment, and are actively attending a number of interviews at my level. The job market is clearly very buoyant, and it’s a great time for jobseekers to look for new roles,” shares Natasha.

“However, employers aren’t keeping up with the pace and we’re having to coach them a lot more on the need for urgency and faster decision-making,” she adds.

The bottom line: if employers want to hire the best staff, they need move fast.


…and the job market for senior accounting & finance roles is also healthy

Adds Daniel Gilligan, one of our Senior Accounting and Finance Recruitment Consultants.

“From my perspective I’m seeing a fairly decent job market, and there are plenty of great opportunities being recruited for which is encouraging for jobseekers. There also seems to be a healthy volume of qualified and part-qualified jobs out there,” shares Daniel.

“Another point to note is that we’re seeing a high influx of quality candidates from overseas, making the market slightly more competitive for local candidates.”


If you’d like to speak to an experienced recruitment consultant about current trends in your specific market, contact us today.

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