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Don’t let your next Secret Santa exchange fill you with dread. We’ve got you covered with these 12 fun and affordable Christmas gift ideas.

Happy Socks

 Happy socks has the perfect selection of socks for coffee lovers, donut lovers and, well, sock lovers. You can’t really go wrong.

Cable bite

These little cable nibblers are fun, cheap and useful for people in offices where cables can ‘go missing’…that’s not just ours, right?

Lady Lather’s salt bar soap

Handmade soap is BACK. Handmade from 100% coconut oil and ethically sourced Himalayan rock salt, this little piece of luxury is great for vegans – or anyone for that matter.

A funky eco-friendly shopping bag

Reusable shopping bags don’t have to be ugly. Grab one of these chic tote bags made from recycled materials for anyone who is trying to save the planet and look good while doing it.

A bamboo travel cutlery set

Perfect for happy campers or generally outdoorsy people, this neat eco-friendly bamboo cutlery set is portable, convenient and pretty cool.

For anyone in the finance team

This accounting swear words mug must be funny? Maybe your accounting and finance staff will understand.

Vinyl label for drinks bottles

Some people are genuinely attached to their water bottle, and we’re sure most of these people will appreciate a personalized label. And if they don’t? No worries, it’s only four bucks.

A pot plant cover

This. Is. Cute.

The book of crap CVs

We’ve all seen a couple of bad CVs, but here’s a full (very entertaining) book of them.

Stand up paddle board rental in St. Kilda

Know someone who’s looking to try new things? This stand up paddle boarding voucher from Red Balloon could do the trick. Oh, and it’s on sale.

The Ladybird Book Of The Mid-Life Crisis

Need we say more? Find this relatable classic on Amazon.

A mini Buddha board

 Ideal for an artsy work friend or avid doodler, this mini Buddha board is a reusable canvas which you paint on using water (which then handily evaporates).

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