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Communicate your Christmas hours clearly

Proactively let your clients and customers know what your availability is like over Christmas a couple of weeks in advance. This may sound obvious but in the last-minute rush before the holidays plenty of people forget to do this.

Set expectations and minimize stress. Simple.

Ease yourself back into your pre-Christmas sleeping pattern

Apparently ‘social jet lag’ is a genuine condition, and scientists have identified that the irregular sleeping patterns will fall into during the festive season leave us feeling especially tired and groggy when we return to work in Jan.

Beat social jet lag by having a couple of early nights and early starts before your first day back – it’ll be worth it.

Pre-book yourself some admin time

On your first day back block out a couple of hours in your diary to give yourself time to work through your emails and have some general internal catch ups to check-in with your team. Even just the simple act of doing this will make you feel proactive and organised, getting you in the right headspace for your first week back.

Don’t stretch yourself too thin

 During your first week back try to focus on light tasks and catching up with colleagues, and make sure you take full lunch breaks. There’s really no need to give yourself a massive shock to the system by throwing yourself in the deep end.

Clean up the night before you go back to work

We know you probably won’t be in the mood but give your house a tidy/clean the day before you go back to work. It’ll make a whole load of psychological difference when you come home on Monday.

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