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Collaborative recruitment is a process that has been championed by Silicon Valley gods (such as Steve Jobs) and is now used by hundreds – if not thousands – of successful global businesses when hiring. 

Here, we discuss what collaborative recruitment actually is, and how it can benefit your business. 

What is collaborative recruitment?   

Collaborative recruitment can also be referred to as ‘team-based hiring’. In a nutshell, it means that other employees are included every step of the way throughout the hiring process. 

Traditionally, HR professionals and the hiring manager work together on a job brief and description, reviewing applicants and interviewing candidates. However, in a collaborative recruitment process a wider range of employees are involved.

 People that will be working closely with the new hire but are perhaps from other teams or have different roles – for example a team leader or someone with the same role – are involved in the recruitment process from the start. 

They may have input into desirable skills and attributes, help review applicants and also attend interviews, or at least join for a part of it. There’s no hard and fast rule for how to set up a collaborative interview, you can have two (maximum three!) separate interviews, have multiple people in one interview, or invite other team members to join at particular times. 


What are the benefits of collaborative recruitment?  

Studies have shown that collaborative recruitment not only results in better quality hires but also faster hires, increases employee engagement and improves the candidate experience. 

According to Forbes, collaborative hiring also allows for more diverse viewpoints and perspectives, which reduces the risk of bad hires and can lead to better culture fits. 

Having multiple people involved in the hiring processes can also help combat unconscious bias and create opportunities for culture adds, which SEEK Australia describes as recruiting individuals who will thrive your workplace culture, as opposed to simply fitting in. 

We could go on. If you need some more inspiration to kickstart your collaborative hiring process, check out this list of companies that practice collaborative hiring

At Accountancy Options, we take a collaborative approach to accounting and finance recruitment. To see how we can help you with your next hire contact us today. 

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