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So you’ve worked hard, put in the extra hours, and become an invaluable member of your workplace. The promotion you’ve worked so hard for is finally here, yet once your boss begins discussing the terms, you realise a pay rise isn’t part of the equation.

What do you do?

This exact scenario has troubled many employees. However, accepting the offer despite reservations is one of many options available.

The first thing to consider is that the situation is often dynamic. Although the offer didn’t include a pay rise, it could still come with future growth. Ask your employer to allow you time to deliberate your options and get back to them by a specified time. Refraining from rushing the decision enables a clearer mind to run through the pros and cons of each option and determine what’s best for your personal situation.

So now that you’ve given yourself time to deliberate, what other options do you have? Instead of responding to the promotion offer with a hard no, ask your employer if they can negotiate benefits to sweeten the deal. If higher pay isn’t possible, these other perks may be on the table as compensation.

Offers such as greater hybrid-working flexibility, free training and development, or extra insurance coverage could be more attainable for your employer to provide. Mentioning your most preferred benefit to your boss during negotiations could make the offer more attractive to your needs despite no pay rise.

If perks are also non-negotiable, you may need to begin searching elsewhere for a suitable position. The beauty of a promotion is that even if it doesn’t fit your financial needs, it can be used as leverage to kickstart a new career option. Consider accepting the new role in the interim and instantly add it and the responsibilities to your resume. This addition will boost your employability, increasing your likelihood of finding a new company willing to provide a fair salary.

The key to a fulfilling career is understanding what you deem necessary in a position and ensuring your role meets those needs. Unfortunately, many feel overly committed to a career path and neglect these necessities, including adequate pay. Remember not to undervalue your professional abilities and strive always to be compensated for the value you bring to a role.

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