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We’ve all experienced apprehension when handing a resume to a prospective employer. Despite our efforts, we may incorrectly assume what an employer hopes to see in a CV, putting us below other potential candidates.


Applicants add many common mistakes to a resume that, by and large, are easily avoidable if aware. One of these mistakes is including all previous work and neglecting to keep it relevant to the prospective job context. Although employers appreciate learning about prior experience, irrelevant information can overload the reader and make them skim over the job’s key skills.

Being concise and avoiding wordy sentences will also help the reader understand your story without diluting what’s essential. Clear structures will signify that you’re confident in yourself while expressing high communication skills.

A final point to avoid is being excessively humble while describing your abilities. People often skew their self-perception and understate their capabilities to others, so take time to reflect on what you’ve achieved in the past and don’t be afraid to highlight it.


When considering what to include in a resume, recent and relevant experiences are a no-brainer. Feature previous roles with the most overlap of needed skills compared to the new position. This allows the employer to realise that your existing skills are directly relevant to the job opening. Using relevant terminology will also show more profound knowledge of your specific industry.

Using phrases and KPIs that pertain to the role will show the employer that you’re familiar with the job at hand and will paint you in a positive light.

Finally, be open to seeking advice from recruiters to get the most objectively engaging resume possible. When seeking advice, recruiters will often have the most insight into what employers want to see and how minor adjustments to your resume can place it above other candidates.

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